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What we do

Street outreach

We are out and about during the week across Birmingham, Walsall and Sandwell.

We provide a safe space to talk about any issues that are important to you – if you are having problems with your health, domestic violence, drug use, housing, welfare rights or legal issues, workers will be happy to talk to you.

You can get hot drinks, condoms and lube, as well as information and advice on sexual health and drugs.

If you work indoors ...

… in a flat, sauna or massage parlour we can visit you to bring you condoms and supplies, "Ugly Mugs" (see below), sexual health testing, information and advice. Our workers will always be happy to talk to you about any other issues.

Safe clinic

We have a sexual health and family planning clinic in Birmingham; you can get hepatitis B vaccinations as well as testing and contraception. No appointments are needed and it’s completely confidential. In Walsall and Sandwell testing is available on outreach, and referrals into clinics can be made.

Ugly mugs and visual evidence for victims (VEV)

Have you been threatened, raped or assaulted when working? You can talk to an outreach worker who will take details if you feel able to discuss it and will offer you advice and support.

We print sheets called "Ugly Mugs" giving details of attacks and the attackers to warn you of these incidents.

We can take photos of any injuries you may have so they are logged even if you do not want to report the matter to the police.

We can also help to refer to you a sexual assault referral centre (SARC). These centres are safe locations where victims of sexual assault can receive medical care and counselling, quickly and sympathetically.

Are you looking for routes out but don’t know where to begin?

We can work with you to look at alternatives, help you with housing, sorting out your benefits, education and training, and refer you to any other agencies you think will help you. We know it’s a big step and will support you in every way possible.

Trafficking – if you have been moved into or around the country by someone who is threatening or frightening you and forcing you to work, you have a right to protection and we can help you to get it.

Our mission

The SAFE Project seeks to promote the health and wellbeing of women who have worked in, are working in, or are at risk of becoming involved in the commercial sex industry. We aim to reduce the harm associated with sex work and to empower women to make positive choices.

The SAFE Project does not strive to control, reduce or promote commercial sex work.

Our service is completely confidential and we will not discuss anything you tell us with any other services if you don’t want us to.

The only exceptions to this are if we are concerned that you may harm yourself or others, child protection issues or if we believe you are going to commit an act of terrorism.